If you are looking to buy in small quantities our side rail hinges which come in sizes large and small, or our lock and key sets, then we suggest that you contact online the following distributors whom we supply: bcspecialties.com and rockler.com.  They carry our hinges and locks and can ship them to you promptly. If however, you are interested in larger quantities (25 sets or more), then we can sell you at wholesale prices. Our pricing varies according to how many you buy at one time, so call or email us for pricing.

Humidor Hinges

Custom Humidor Hinges
Locking Humidor

First a brief history: (Not all that brief but necessary!)

In 1995 when I started making humidors there were no decent quality hinges for small boxes available in the U.S. There was one maker of small box hinges, but they were not gold plated. Another maker in France had gold plated hinges but they were very expensive and difficult to install. So I decided to design and make my own hinges in order to control the quality. Soon I found out that this was no easy task. Hinges are very small and difficult to machine. Plus there are actually four separate processes involved in making gold plated hinges. First there is the machining which involves seven different machining steps. Then there is the polishing which has to be done by hand, followed by the plating process. Finally there is the assembly which combines the upper and lower "side rail" arms together.

Custom Hinged Humidor

I started out making these hinges with a local machine shop and brass plating shop. However, after about 2 years the machine shop went out of business, and I could not find another shop that could make them. Finally I found another supplier who to this day supplies the hinges that are superior to all others on the market. The hinges are called "side rail hinges" and have a trademark on the design and name. I supply these to other woodworkers throughout the U.S., and they remain the best gold plated box hinges available.

"Why?", you ask. First of all they are 1/8" thick and machined on CNC machining centers. Other cheaper hinges are 1/16" thick and stamped out, not machined. Second they can be seen on the inside side rails of all boxes including jewelry boxes, desk boxes and humidors. So they add a touch of quality which compliments the quality of a well made box. Third they are polished and gold plated, not real gold as that would obviously be cost prohibitive. The plating protects the hinges from tarnishing and the polishing makes the gold color shine like real gold. Quite an accomplishment actually, especially when there are four different shops involved, each one doing a different process.

Humidor Lock, Key & Keyhole Plate Sets

Michael Dixon Side Rail Humidor Hinges
Micheal Midxon Custom Humdior

Our lock sets are a full mortise lock and are difficult to install, but they are the best looking lock on the market and reflect the high quality of a well made box. We use them only on our larger C and D model humidors. Those of you who are good with making jigs and fixtures should have no problem with figuring out how to install them. They require a 1" deep mortise well in which to fit the lock and a .070" deep routed lip around the well for the top brass plate.

Michael Dixon Custom Humidor Hinges

Take a deep breath, study it carefully, take your time and use your engineering prowess. You should have no problem. Don't try to route the 1" deep well in one pass. Step down in 1/4" increments and best use a table or pin router. Another suggestion is to use a mortise chisel on a drill press to mortise out the well.

Make sure to install the hinges first to get good alignment between the top lid and bottom of the box. Then mortise the lock well into the bottom lip - find the center of the lip from left to right and allow 1/8" from front edge of the lock plate to the front of the box.

Once this is done, drop in the lock and install a 1/4" dowel pin locator in the hole of the lock. These locators have a conical point to mark the center of a 1/4" hole. Drop the lid gently to mark the center of the lock hole. This point marked in the lid now becomes the center of the top plate button that drops into the 1/4" lock hole.

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