Custom Humidors


Spalted Maple Humidor

If you are thinking about purchasing one of Michael Dixon’s high-quality humidors you might consider Spalted Maple.  That’s because it’s such a beautiful, interesting and rare type of wood that makes a spectacular, high-quality humidor.

Spalted Maple is caused by a process in which the Maple is exposed to decay fungi. This is a state that occurs before rot and final decay sets in.  Sometimes this process can take as long as two years.   Determining factors are humidity content in the wood, warm temperatures, plenty of oxygen, and the right type of fungi in the ground where the log is laying.  The result is the occurrence of black lines,  which mark the borders of the different fungi that are attacking the wood.  It only occurs in the outer sapwood areas of the log which is most commonly laying on the ground.

For this reason, it is extremely difficult and expensive to obtain.  Spalted Maple is not commercially available and most pieces are extremely small.  We have been able to locate a limited supply from a local sawmill.   It is only available in the log form, not lumber.   The logs are sawn into lumber, dried, and then resawn and sanded to 1/8” veneer.   This is all done right here in our shop in Brownsville, Maryland.  We have been experimenting with spalting some logs from dead trees that are on our own property.  Spalting is a time-consuming process.

One thing is certain however, and that is we will go the extra mile to make a beautiful desktop humidor. Spalted Maple humidors require multiple coats of catalyzed lacquer to adequately seal the soft, decayed maple wood. We guarantee that all Michael Dixon Humidors including his Spalted Maple humidors will last a lifetime and provide much enjoyment over the years.