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Model A Style Humidors

Model A Style Humidors are 9" x 11" x 4.5" and hold 35 cigars.
Model A includes 1 Divider, a Small Humigar Moisturizer, and an Analog Hygrometer.

Offered in a variety of attractive woods and finishes.
Price Range: $375 to $395.

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Quilted Cherry Humidor

Quilted Cherry Humidor

Walnut handcrafted humidor

Claro Walnut Burl Humidor

Rosewood Humidor

Brazilian Rosewood Humidor

Liight Curly Koa wooden cigar humidor

Light Curly Koa

Dark Curly Koa wooden cigar humidor

Dark Curly Koa

Maple wooden cigar humidor

Natural Spalted Maple

Maple Small Humidor

Curly Maple

Small Wooden Humidor made of Rosewood

East Indian Rosewood

Maplewood 35 Cigar Humidor

Quilted Maple

Bubinga High Quality Humidor

Pommele Bubinga

Curly Claro Walnut

Rosewood Humidor for sale

Santos Rosewood

Eucalyptus American made Humidor

Beeswing Eucalyptus

Cherry Cigar Box


Lacewood Cigar Humidor Box


Ebony Humidor for sale online

Macassar Ebony