Custom Humidors

Why I started making handcrafted and custom made cigar humidors

Michael Dixon Cigar Humidors

September 7, 2016 I was making wooden products for the home and office in the seventies, eighties and into the mid nineties. I participated in 30 to 40 art and craft shows a year. I traveled extensively throughout the East, from Boston to Miami and as far west as Kansas City and Madison, Wisconsin. Most of these events were weekend shows. So I was traveling and doing shows 4 or 5 days a week throughout the year. We made kitchen items such as a full line of laminated cutting boards, salt and pepper shakers, rolling pins, butcher block tables, etc. Probably 30 or 40 items. Then in the mid eighties we added a desk accessory line as well. So now I was carrying over fifty multiple items to each show and had about 15 employees helping me make several runs at a time. In the late eighties we added a…

Custom Humidors

Custom Humidors from the studio of Michael Dixon Humidors

Superman Custom Humidor

August 19, 2016 A desktop custom humidor is one that is made for a customer who specified his or her choices of woods, finishes and other options.   Our custom, handcrafted humidors however, stay within the parameters of the Michael Dixon Humidor line.  Each model in our line is a particular size and that size won’t vary.  Other choices include types of wood, trims, marquetry inlays from those we stock, and finishes.  We can include branding a logo, adding a decorative picture or logo such as the Superman  S logo shown in the photo.