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Humidor Gift Ideas for Cigar Smokers

Humidor Gift

With the holidays approaching quickly (too quickly), let’s talk about why a fine cigar humidor would make an excellent gift.  If you are buying one for yourself or for someone else who is a cigar smoker, one of the most desired gifts would be a really nice humidor.  It doesn’t matter if you or they already have one.  Quality, custom made, personalized humidors can be a collector’s item.


You will have to look for a source for your humidor purchase and then make some very important decisions regarding your choice.  First, the source:   Your first step must be to go online and Google words pertaining to cigar humidors such as “quality humidors”, “American made humidors”, “custom cigar humidors”, “personalized humidors”, or “handcrafted humidors”.   Once you have a list of suppliers, we suggest you immediately rule out all the Chinese humidors that will pop up first on web search pages.  These will be the cheapest and the least well-made of all humidors for sale.  They will not keep your cigars fresh, and the box itself will ultimately deteriorate.  The design will probably be garish and cheap-looking.

If you know the name of a specific maker (such as Michael Dixon Humidors) just go straight to that page.  You will want to look for a humidor maker right here in the U.S., one who guarantees his or her work, and who is available to answer questions either on the phone or via email.  You should look for a craftsperson who is a professional woodworker and has lots of experience.  Then go to their website, look at what they have to offer and read the reviews and testimonials.


The second phase of buying a cigar humidor is to make choices as to the size, the type of wood, and if it may be customized and personalized if you so desire.  A professional supplier will offer a variety of sizes, and a rule of thumb when it comes to humidors, is to buy one that is bigger than you believe you might need.  Once you start filling your humidor, it will be hard to stop!  Hopefully, the humidor maker will have many woods to choose from, decorative trims, and extras such as handles and locks and keys.  Be sure that the humidor contains a properly sized and efficient humidifying unit and that it comes with a quality hygrometer for measuring interior humidity.  The humidor maker should have a nice range of prices to fit your budget.


Read all you can about the maker, the choices that are offered, and the service you will receive.  When you come to a decision about all these choices, you will be ready to place your order.  And it just so happens that Michael Dixon Humidors will be ready and happy to accommodate you.  Call us at 301-432-6131, make an appointment to come by the shop if you are in the area, and check out our website to get all the information you need about purchasing a fine cigar humidor made right here in the U.S.