Custom Humidors

Types of Cigar Humidors

There are many types of cigar humidors all designed to store cigars in optimal conditions.  Humidors are typically both functional and attractive.  They meet the needs of casual smokers as well as serious collectors.  Collectors might not only collect cigars, but they also collect humidors.  Certainly, all types of humidors are readily available online or in stores. However, many collectors choose to buy custom built humidors that meet their storage needs and match their office or home décor. They wish to invest in a high quality, American made cigar humidor that will last for many years and become an heirloom.


The various types of humidors include desktop styles which can be made in a variety of sizes using any number of beautiful, exotic hardwoods.  For a high-quality humidor, made to order, one might pay anywhere from $500 to OVER $1000.  The very best humidor makers offer personalized service and guarantees on their work.  Custom-made desktop humidors come with humidity control devices, hygrometers to measure the inside humidity, high quality hinges that assure a tight-fitting lid, and the best locks, keys and handles available.  These specialized humidors may be ordered in different sizes with different edge trims, personalized with logos, names, or engraved plaques.  The best humidors made here in the U.S. come with high quality finishes, either glossy or semi-gloss.


These large furniture style humidors are ordered by customers who want to collect and maintain a very large collection of cigars., They will hold and display several hundred cigars.  The large humidors use an Oasis electrical humidifying system to provide humidity inside the cabinet. These furniture pieces must be custom ordered and fabricated, and the process must be a collaboration between the customer and the maker.  A unique cabinet humidor will be produced and the woods used will complement the décor of the customer’s home or office.   Styles may range from contemporary to traditional to transitional, and an experienced humidor maker will be able to design and build whatever style and size the customer desires.  Choices may include Abalone or Mother of Pearl inlays. Glass or raised panel doors and drawers that close by themselves may be chosen.  Interior lighting is often desired along with tilted trays for enhancing the cigar displays.  The design choices are unlimited!



Travel or portable humidors are less frequently desired as they may hold only a few cigars. These small humidors are not as efficient as a desktop style.



These are humidor rooms built to accommodate cigar storage primarily in stores and cigar bars.  They are highly specialized and not usually made by smaller humidor making businesses.


MICHAEL DIXON HUMIDORS, Brownsville, Maryland

We make both purchase-ready and custom-made desktop cigar humidors.  We are occasionally asked to make large, furniture style humidors and are happy to accommodate customers in whatever style they wish.  Our shop here in rural Maryland is equipped to make any type or style of premium humidors.  We have the best selection of beautiful hardwoods to be found anywhere, and Michael is ready at any time to discuss your questions about purchasing a high quality, American made cigar humidor.