Custom Humidors

Ordering A “Custom-Made Humidor”

Making a custom-made humidor

I would like to talk about custom-made humidors, but people have various reasons for ordering  anything “custom-made”.   What does “custom-made” mean exactly?  It means that if a potential buyer doesn’t see an item featured that he wants, there is the option to order a product that is different in some way.  I am referring here to products that are produced either by hand or in small quantities in a workshop or studio.  Many companies offer a set line of products and make no exceptions in choices.  Other companies might offer options in design and material.   These are the companies you would want to work with to order an item to your exact specifications.

When placing a custom order, it’s best for the customer to discuss his or her options with the maker.  This is easier to do with a small company that is willing to work with the buyer to design exactly what they want.

-Reasons customers might order a custom-made humidor:

Let’s talk specifically about custom-made cigar humidors.  A potential buyer might wish to have a humidor in a specific wood or finish to match the décor of a room in their home or office.

A custom-made humidor might include beautiful pearl inlays.

A customer might want to personalize a humidor with a custom logo or plaque to be given as a gift for a friend or colleague.

A custom-made humidor could be used as a promotional gift for a college, university or organization.  The maker would place the company logo on the humidor.

A humidor could be customized with initials or names to celebrate an occasion such as a birthday or anniversary.

A custom-made humidor might advertise a product with a logo or plaque on the lid.

Some boxes may be retrofitted to become a humidor.

Another custom order might be for a jewelry box or another box to hold personal treasures.

A customer might  want to add another beautiful humidor to match or blend with a personal collection.


As for specific custom ordering from Michael Dixon Humidors, we have crafted humidors for all the reasons listed above. Michael is always available to discuss your options.  We also have a set line of humidors, and you certainly may order straight from those. We concentrate on desktop models and send requests for cabinets and built-in wall units to this excellent company, Staebell and Associates Aristocrat Cabinet Humidors in Texas.  So, if you are thinking of ordering a humidor keep us mind.  We can produce a beautiful one-of-a-kind cigar humidor right here in our shop in Brownsville, Maryland.   All our humidors come with a lifetime guarantee.  Call us soon to discuss your options.



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