Custom-Made Personalized Humidors

We consider all our humidors to be “custom-made” but let me explain in more detail how we craft our products. Michael makes 4 sizes of humidors: A models (9” x 11” x 4.5”), B models (10” x 13” x 5.5”), C models (10” x 15” x 6”) and D models (11” x 16” x 7”). He stocks over 20 exotic and regular woods and many different edge trims. Always in stock are the hinges, locks, keys, handles, hygrometers and Humigars that go into each humidor. The A and B models are inventoried but not all are in stock all the time. He chooses the woods and trims for the A and B models and tries to keep as many on hand as possible.

C and D models are by special custom order only, can be personalized, and require 30 days to make and deliver. We only make the C and D models in the sizes listed here. With custom C and D orders you have three options: brass handles, strip abalone corner inlays, and Boveda trays. Each option comes with an extra $50 charge. When you call or email, Michael will discuss all your choices and give ideas for personalizing your humidor with an engraved brass plaque, the pearl or abalone art nouveau corner inlays, branding, or decals of your choice. He will work with you implementing your designs. He can also make jewelry boxes or boxes for storing your personal treasures. Again, Michael only makes these unique boxes in the C and D sizes.

Using only the most beautiful woods available on the world market, Michael strives to produce high quality humidors, maintain a reasonable cost, and have a variety of A and B models ready to ship quickly. Michael has been making humidors since 1995 right here in his well outfitted workshop in rural Maryland. Please study the website then call or email him to find out about your choices either for custom personalized work or for a “ready to ship” humidor.

Browse our humidor models below, and click on the thumbnails to learn more about a specific model.


Small Humidors

Model A

Size: 9" x 11" x 4.5"
Holds 35 Cigars
1 Divider
Small Humigar Moisturizer
Analog Hygrometer

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50 Cigar Humidors

Model B

Size: 10" x 13" x 5.5"
Holds 50-75 Cigars
1 Divider
Medium Humigar Moisturizer
Analog Hygrometer

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100 Cigar Humidors

Model C

Size: 10" x 15" x 6.5"
Holds 100-125 Cigars
2 Dividers / Lock & Key Set
Large Humigar Moisturizer
Analog Hygrometer

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150 Cigar Humidor

Model D

Size: 11" x 16" x 7"
Holds 150 Cigars
2 Dividers
Brass Handles / Lock & Key Set
Large Humigar Moisturizer
Analog Hygrometer
Top Tray with Dividers

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Humidor Cabinets

Humidor Cabinets

This new Pommele Bubinga humidor cabinet is our latest design of high quality furniture pieces. Available by custom order only.

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Custom-crafted Personalized Models

Personalized Models

Personalize your humidor with special features like engraved brass plaques, mother of peral inlays, branding, or decals of your choice. We also offer jewelry and keepsake boxes.

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