New Humidor Testimonials

Over the years, we have collected many positive comments and testimonials. We are proud to share these with you, since they are the highest honors we can attain:

I have had several humidors over the years. This is by far the best quality I have ever seen. The wood is beautiful and the fit, finish and functionality is perfect. Truly a piece of art.

David, March 2024

Hey there Michael,

We received the humidor! My fiancé absolutely LOVES it. It;s so beautiful!!!! He asked about you and your business so he could share your information with his friends who are also fellow cigar lovers. He said this was the best gift he's ever gotten. I am so grateful I found you and your business. We are so proud to have this piece of art displayed in our dining room for everyone to see. You did an incredible job!! Thank you so much!!!! I'll be sure to leave you an excellent review on google!

Lindsay, October 2022

Impeccable workmanship. An extensive collection of beautiful woods to choose from. Great service. Made in the US. I picked Quilted Cherry and it is absolutely stunning. Love the fact that the finish is not super-high gloss but more of a satin finish. It lets the beauty of the wood itself stand out more. They are built rock-solid and weigh accordingly. Nothing flimsy about these humidors/jewelry boxes, yet they are very elegant. I am very happy with my purchases.

Urban, November 2021


You deserve an "Attaboy" for the terrific, Bubinga humidor you made. I bought it 22 years ago from Montage Tobacco, Scranton, PA. I don't smoke much anymore but the humidor still looks great. As you can see from the photo, I need to replace the Oasis Floral Foam which I intend to do.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that it's a pleasure to have a product that is so well made - a real oddity considering these days of mass production.

Curt, November 2021

Mike, it was really a pleasure getting to hear your story about being a humidor maker and the construction involved. I received the Tamo Ash Humidor from you and I thought you did a really great job packing the humidor to ship to me. The next thing that really struck me after the packaging was the finish on the exterior of the humidor. This is the first time ive owned a non-chinese made humidor and the quality of the finish on your humidor is amazing. While I dont have cigars in my humidor yet as it is seasoning while we speak, I want to say It was a pleasure meeting you and doing business with you and I am already more than pleased with your work.

Doug, March 2021
(New York)

I ordered my Model C Golden Ebony in February and it arrived in early March. It truly is a custom humidor. Really it's a beautiful piece of furniture that stands out on my bar. I seasoned the Sapele wood with a Boveda 84% pack for 14 days. It now houses 60 of my favorite cigars with two Boveda 69% packs and hygrometer has not moved from 69%. I do love the Boveda accessory. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a high end well made custom humidor for a great price!

Tom, March 2021

I just received my Michael Dixon humidor and it simply blew me away! The craftsmanship and substantial quality of the materials that he uses just cannot be seen by the pictures on his website. I have had a dozen humidors over the years but this one is in a class of its own. It is not just an incredible humidor, it is an heirloom that I will hand down to my grandson. It was definitely worth every penny! Thank you Michael for proving that quality, beauty, and craftmanship can come together to make timeless humidors!

Mike, December 2020

I just received your beautiful Model B Humidor in Santos Rosewood. Wow! It's a piece of art no doubt. The craftsmanship is as close to perfection as I've seen. Bravo!

If anyone reading this is thinking about investing in a high quality gorgeous humidor look no further than Michael Dixon. The attention to detail and fit and finish is amazing.

I called and he answered the phone and we talked like normal people and Michael is just plain enjoyable to work with. I called again when it arrived at my house and Michael was happy to answer all my questions.

Can't say enough, call Michael today and get a Michael Dixon humidor, you will be happy -- trust me.

Kyle, December 2020
(Northern California)

I have an assortment of humidors ranging from average to better, but basically all mass-manufactured, factory-made pieces. Yawn. After doing some research, I stumbled upon Michael Dixon Humidors. I discovered so many authentic and sincere comments about the quality of his humidors, and Michael himself as a businessman and craftsman. Then I saw his many beautiful models to choose from. Very hard to decide, which was fine. I wanted to go custom anyway.

Keep in mind, my dream was to someday own the "Holy Grail", an Elie Bleu. Not anymore. I would rather buy a few more from Michael. As a "perfect" and amazing as Elie Bleu humidors are, they are still factory made by several people, and you end up owning one of their models that the whole world owns too. One of the joys of working with Michael is you can make yours unique to the world, he will do whatever you want, and he WILL get it right. Wouldn't you rather own something made by one master craftsman that is a one of a kind? You will own something that came from a finite production number produced by one individual. (We call that art). Any large brand will continue being made forever. Call Michael and you will quickly rediscover the lost art of handmade craftsmanship, customer service, and a conversation with a true gentleman.

Closing thought, with Elie Bleu averaging $3k per box, my $800 Michael Dixon allows me to buy at least three! Did I mention it is flawless? You won't find anyone making a humidor any better at any price. This is an American Elie Bleu ­ 100%. If you have a passion for cigars, stop reading this and call Michael. Blown away. Thanks, Michael, I'll be back.

Tim, October 2020

I just took delivery of my new humidor and it's beautiful. The figure in the quilted maple is fantastic. I also really like your choice of finishes, as it really does bring out the figure in the wood. Thank you for this beautiful piece! It will serve me well.

Shaun, April 2019

I have received my humidor! I really love it. The craftsmanship and detail you put into it exceeded my expectations, especially the beautiful wood itself. The plaque inside the humidor with your name and where it's made, which is America of course, goes well with the U.S. Air Force theme I asked for. The quality is obvious in this humidor as I have already thrown my cheap humidor out to pasture. Thank you for taking the time to make this humidor happen. I really appreciate it.

Marcus, March 2019

Your/my(now) humidor has arrived and is in perfect condition. Many, many thanks for your excellent work and craft.

It now resides in a cool part of my home and is gradually coming up to its ideal humidity, containing a Boveda to test/calibrate the provided hygrometer.

Though I understand that you don’t partake in cigars, I must say that I celebrated the arrival of your fine product with a Monte Christo White Series and a class of cognac during this evening with a friend. My quality of life has increased ineffably.

All the best!

Ben, February 2019
(Sussex, England)

Hi Michael, the humidor is absolutely STUNNING!! I’m delighted. Every aspect is expertly executed. I can’t fathom that there is any higher quality or more beautiful humidor available today.

Thanks for Everything,

Franz, June 2018

Hey Michael, I’m finally getting around to thanking you for my beautiful new size D Claro Walnut Burl Humidor! I received this about three months ago, and it is working flawlessly. Your craftsmanship is second to none!. This humidor seasoned quickly, and holds the RH absolutely perfect. I was also very impressed with the care and professionalism you used to pack and ship my humidor. I really enjoyed talking with you during the build process. It is really hard to find the customer service that you provide. I know that if I ever have a question or need anything, that you are a phone call away.

Thank you again for an absolute beauty!

Max, May 2018

Hi Michael, the humidor has arrived. It is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship clearly made by a master woodworker. As nice as it looks on the website, you cannot truly appreciate it’s quality until you see it in person.

It has been a pleasure working with you from our initial discussion to receipt of the humidor. A high quality product coupled with excellent customer service - well done and many thanks!

Please feel free to share my comments with any potential customers if it would be helpful.

Thanks again!

Rich, April 2018

Michael, I couldn’t be happier with my new humidor. Michael patiently worked with me during the ordering process, to ensure that I’d get exactly what I wanted. The only difficult part was deciding which combination of veneer and trim I liked the most. The finished result is an heirloom that my family will treasure for generations to come - it is absolutely beautiful.

Dave, February 2018
(San Antonio)

Hi Michael,
I received the humidor yesterday and opened the box today. “BEAUTIFUL” is all I can say. Thank you for a awesome product and great service.

Tony, February 2018

A month ago I purchased a Michael Dixon “Model A” Spalted Maple Humidor. Having researched humidors for weeks, when I found Michael’s website, I knew I was looking at something special. From my initial phone call to ask a few questions, through placing my order, delivery and follow-up, Michael has always been available.

Michael’s craftsmanship skills are evident in the artistic design, engineering and construction of the humidor. The beauty and functionality of the Spalted Maple Humidor is exceptional.

Thank you Michael Dixon!

Mike P

Hello, Michael, Happy New Year to you. I ordered one of your Model A humidors from you a couple of months ago, and I just wanted to say how pleased I am with it. It's truly beautiful and a fine work of quality craftsmanship that has become an heirloom. It holds the humidity like a charm, even in these dry Michigan winters. Keep at it, it's nice to see that you can still buy a quality handcrafted item made with pride in the U.S.A., and you're certainly a master of your craft.

Joe R

I think we hit a home run with this. Going in I wanted the knife to be proportional to the humidor. Secondly, I wanted the humidor to blend in with the gun cabinet. As you can see from the photos you succeeded in both. I'm sure someone will mention that I have a Michael Dixon humidor. I'll reply, "I have a one-of-a-kind Michael Dixon Humidor".

Ralph M

Just to let you know, your humidor was a HUGE hit with my boyfriend. He stayed up late and went to work extra tired because he was busy reading all of your instructions and looking up extra info online. He's made a couple more orders for cigars to try out and is currently conditioning the humidor.

Cora H
(Veradale, WA)

Got it! Thanks so much! It's beautiful! What a work of art. Can't wait to season it and put it to use!

Tahl M
(New York, NY)

Received the humidor and I put the 84% seasoning Boveda bag in the humidor and after 3 weeks it read 74%RH. I then put your hygrometer in the Boveda calibration bag and it came up to 75%RH shortly with no adjustment necessary. The humidor now has cigars and it is holding steady at 71-71%RH and could not work any better. A couple of friends have seen it on the sofa table and commented on how nice the humidor is. But honestly, I already knew that and that is why I a a happy customer.

Bruce D
(Lizard Acres, AZ)

The humidor is beautiful. It's an amazing piece of craftsmanship. I love the spalted maple. I can only imagine what the other timbers look like.

(Geeseton, Tasmania, Australia)

The humidor is absolutely amazing. The curly Koa is incredible and the trim is perfect. It's exactly how I imagined it and couldn't be better. I love how solid and heavy the lid is, ensuring a good seal. It truly is a work of art and a great piece to have in my home. I'm sure it will be enjoyed for decades, and hopefully longer! It's been great conversing with you designing this humidor, and I hope we can have a cigar sometime and see the workshop!

All the best,

Dear Michael

The Quilted Maple humidor is a treasure! My friend was speechless and in awe of your craftsmanship. His wedding gift will certainly be an heirloom in his family - with your name and quality. Thank you for being a testament to American Mastery.

With Gratitude,


I received my new Spalted Maple humidor this morning, and it is so much more beautiful than the picture on the website. It has a great feel and the top has a perfect weight and it opens and closes beautifully! Can't wait to fill it with some of my favorite Cuban smokes! It is a pleasure doing business with you. Have a great weekend.


Hello Michael,

Absolute perfection is almost unheard of in any art form be it music,drama, art of any medium, architecture, and so on. BUT, the Michael Dixon splated maple humidors I received two weeks ago qualify as the most beautiful, unique, and functional woodworking I have ever laid eyes upon. Mr. Dixon is the Michelangelo of not only humidors that become instant heirlooms, but has mastered the geometric precision of fine woodcraft that will endure for centuries.

Do not waste your money on a Daviddoff- get a Dixon instead!

(Fairfax, Virginia)

Hi Michael,

I opened the humidor today and, oh boy ...what a beauty!!
You are a truly gifted craftsman. I love it and it goes so well with my black furnishings. I can't wait to use it.

Thanks again for your attention to detail.

(Whitehouse Station, New Jersey)

Hey Michael,

The humidor arrived a week ago. I am very pleased with its aesthetics and great, solid construction! I am still in the process of conditioning it, as it's very dry in my apartment. Slow conditioning is ideal in my opinion and hopefully soon it will get to the desired RH. Thank you for reaching out and if I will have any questions I will contact you.

Last but not least, thank you for building this exquisite, beautiful, elegant humidor.

All the best,
(Brooklyn, New York)


The work you do is incredible. I have had a humidor from you for over twenty years and it still holds up great. There is no better place to get a humidor from and to do business with. He gave some of the best customer service I have ever had, emails, phone calls were answered by him directly. You can tell he truly cares about the customer and also the product he gives out, this is no assembly line production. The humidor looks amazing, its a decorative piece while also being my treasure chest. I truly appreciate the work and dedication.

(Miami, Florida)

Hi Michael,

I have received my Humidor and I cannot believe how beautiful it is. I had read a testimonial stating that the pictures on your site do your humidors no justice. I completely agree with that statement. Even my wife was blown away, and humidors do not interest her.

I would like to thank you for not only the great humidor, but also the great customer service.

I will be referring my friends and family to you.

(Whitby, Ontario Canada)


The humidor arrived today and it is beautiful-the picture on the website doesn't do it justice.

Cheers and Merry Christmas,
(Whittier, California)

Hi Alice,

I tried calling you guys last night to tell you that the humidor arrived safely and just how awesome it is! Wow, what an absolutely beautiful piece Michael created. I love it, and I cant wait to get my cigars in it. Please also tell Michael thank you for his outstanding customer service through the whole process, it was such a pleasure to do business with him. Ill be showing off this humidor and recommending it to everyone I talk to. Thanks for everything.

Have a happy Thanksgiving,
(St. Paul, Minnesota)


I don't even smoke. In fact, I'm at the age (64) where I want fewer material things. We downsized from a large house (inland) to a small one in a coastal art community (Laguna Beach). Going from 10,000 sq. feet to 2,000 means getting rid of a lot. So adding anything means it has to be very special. I have always loved boxes and the one (model B) you built for me is exquisite. When you want fewer things, you want them to be the best. This box is. The quality, the weight, the beautiful wood finish. Thanks for your personal interest in making me a humidor that now sits prominently on display (holding our tv and sound system remotes out of sight) on a coffee table. I'll enjoy it every day.

(Laguna Beach, California)


I just wanted to touch base with you. The humidor is OUTSTANDING in every way. I am thrilled with it and I will not hesitate to call on you again. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I wish you and yours the best!

(New Jersey)


Actually, I just took delivery of it about a half hour ago. The pictures online do not do it justice. It is absolutely goreous. Everything appears to have come through safely and soundly, packed impeccably. I do not see any scratches or blemishes, and as far as I can tell there are no problems.

Once I get it up and running if I have any questions I will let you know. Your directions are helpful (obviously). I doubt I will have any problems but I will let you know how things are going in a week or two. Thank you so much for everything. It is really beautiful. One can tell it is a quality piece by the weight of it, for starters.

(Augusta, Georgia)