Custom-crafted, Personalized Desktop Models

The versatility of our custom made humidors allows you to create a one-of-a-kind humidor that is crafted just for you with unique details. Models include jewelry boxes and other types of collectibles. Make it yours! Be sure to click the photos for large views.


Quilted Cherry Humidor with Bloodwood & Marquetry trim

Custom Quilted Cherry

Here is one of our latest custom humidors made with beautiful Quilted Cherry and Bloodwood edge trim. Add the blue and white marquetry trim for a specatcular red, white and blue motif which is what the customer ordered. Design your own color scheme with a variety of trim and color Marquetry available.

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Abalone & Mother of Pearl Inlays

Abalone & Mother of Pearl Inlays on the tops of the C and D models are our latest offerings to our personalized, custom humidors. Here is what you need to know and decide on before ordering one of these beautiful custom inlaid humidors: Model C or D, Mother of Pearl or Abalone shell, Corner design; Nouveau, Deco or Simple, Wood; East Indian Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, Curly Koa or Brazilian Rosewood. The photo here is of the humidor with Abalone Nouveau Celtic corner inlay. Go to the D model page to see a photo of a humidor with the Mother of Pearl inlay. These special inlays are priced at $400 above the cost of the humidor.

Custom Laser Engraving

Custom Laser Engraving

This Quilted Maple D model humidor has been custom laser engraved with the customer's last name. The engraved letters show the ivory colored natural Quilted Maple.

Custom Abalone Shell Inlaid

Custom Abalone Shell Inlays

This is an East Indian Rosewood Humidor Model 86D with a Calligraphy style Inlay of Abalone. This Abalone shows up beautifully on the East Indian Rosewood Humidor. You may customize this humidor with your choice of an Abalone inlaid design such as monograms, numbers, or simple logos.

Engraved Brass PlaquesEngraved Brass Plaques

Engraved Brass Plaques

You may personalize your humidor with an Engraved Brass Plaque to be placed either inside the lid or on the top of the lid. Most customers prefer the plaque on the inside, but we will do either according to your preference. One of photos here shows a personalized humidor that was sold at an annual fundraiser at Auburn University. The plaque has the Auburn Creed engraved in brass and placed on the top of a Curly Maple D model. We also attached a round cast emblem to the front below the keyhole. There was no additional cost for installing the plaque and emblem as they were supplied by our customer.

Custom DecalsCustom Decals

Custom Decals

We can use custom decals that have been printed from the artwork that you, the customer, provide. This can be done by using a JPEG. File from any cell phone or digital camera. This file is then sent to our local printer who prints the file or photo onto a decal. We apply the decal to the top of the partially lacquered humidor, and then we add extra coats of lacquer on top of the decal to finish the humidor. This adds about $50 to the cost of the humidor.

Custom Decals

This custom A model Cherry humidor shows a decal of an Air Force logo and an engraved, gold filled name.

Branding Iron Design

Branding Iron Design

Using a Branding Iron is another way we can imprint your special logo or picture provided by you onto a humidor. We work with a very talented branding iron maker who puts incredible detail into his irons. These irons are time consuming to make and are expensive. Using the irons on multiple humidors helps lower the cost. The cost will be determined by the image provided in a JPEG File.

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Boxes

We also can make and personalize Jewelry Boxes. These boxes will be C and D models and look like any of our humidors. The wood choices are the same as for the C and D models, and only the inside is different. It will be lined with charcoal grey or sand-colored ultra-suede and will include a small and large tray, ring and bracelet dividers and a necklace holder. The photo here shows a Macassar Ebony D model jewelry box interior with trays set aside for viewing the inside. The pricing is $200 to $300 above our humidors due to the many interior dividers and trays.