Curly Claro Walnut Humidor

  • $595

    35 Cigar Humidor
    9" x 11" x 4.5"
    1 divider
    Small Humigar Moisturizer
    Analog Hygrometer
    Model #56A

    Claro Walnut grows in the coastal areas of southern Oregon and northern California. It was first brought to California by the early pioneers in the 19th century as a source for nuts and is related to the English walnut tree which produces the edible walnut vs. Eastern Black Walnut which is very bitter and seldom is used in cooking. It is not as tall as the eastern walnut tree and the color of the wood is very distinct having golden hues and light striping. It is very limited in supply and only a few hardwood lumber dealers have it available for sale. About 10% of the trees have the curl or flamed grain patterns. We were fortunate to buy a few spectacular flamed/curly boards more than 10 years ago from a supplier in Oregon. So we are only able to make a limited amount of quality desktop humidors from this hardwood species.

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    Michael Dixon Small Cigar Humidor A Model

  • Michael Dixon Desktop Humidor

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