Macassar Ebony Humidor

  • $695

    50-75 Cigar Humidor
    10" x 13" x 5.5"
    1 divider
    Medium Humigar Moisturizer
    Analog Hygrometer
    Semi Gloss finish
    Model #59B

    Macassar Ebony is one the many varieties in the Ebony family. It grows in the East Indies and Sri Lanka and is noted for its variegated stripes of yellowish browns and black. Historically Ebony was used by the Egyptians and is mentioned in the Bible. It was used by Persians and kings of India for ornate carvings of holy images. Today it is used mostly on the fret boards of stringed musical instruments. It is extremely dense and difficult to work and has a dulling effect on tools. It is also in great demand and therefore is very expensive. We use it only in veneer form as the solid wood is not available in sizes to make our custom American made humidors.

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