Brazilian Rosewood Humidor

  • $1095

    100-125 Cigar Humidor
    10" x 15" x 6"
    2 Dividers
    Dial Hygrometer
    Humigar Moisturizer
    Exotic Veneer with Binding
    Semi Gloss Finish
    Model #50C

    This beautiful hardwood is also known as Jacaranda or Palisandro wood in Brazil. It is one of the most beautiful hardwoods in the world but also the most expensive and least available. It is listed on the CITES treaty for endangered species along with elephant ivory. It has been illegal to export or import the wood/veneer since the mid 1970s. Therefore what supply is available is well over 30 years old and this is what makes it so expensive and difficult to obtain. Widely used in the making of fine musical instruments(pianos and guitars) it has a resonance like no other wood. There is wide variation in color from almost a light brown to a brick orange with streaks of jet black. Thus it varies greatly in color and grain patterns so the image you see here is not always typical of the end product. We use Brazilian Rosewood in veneer form only as the lumber has not been available for over 40 years. Note that we have added opposite diagonal inlays in Abalone to highlight this beautiful desktop humidor.

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    C Model Michael Dixon Humidor

  • Rosewood Michael Dixon Humidor

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