Zebrawood Humidor

  • $895

    100-125 Cigar Humidor
    10" x 15" x 6"
    2 dividers
    Dial Hygrometer
    Medium Humigar Moisturizer
    Semi Gloss finish
    Model #83C

    Here is a beautiful and rare African hardwood with unique characteristics. First, it must be cut on the quarter in order to become stable. This quarter sawing, in effect, produces two results. One is stability against warping and twisting, and the other end result is a straight grain pattern that gives it a zebra-like appearance. This zebra pattern combined with a creamy yellow background with rich brown and black stripes give this wood an extraordinary look. In return for its beautiful appearance, when sanded, it gives off a barnyard odor. This odor quickly disappears once the sanding process is finished. No odor is ever present on any of the finished products made from Zebrawood. So, there you have it; the good and the bad, resulting in the beautiful.

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    C Model Premium Humidor

  • Zebrawood Humidor

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