East Indian Rosewood Humidor

  • $795

    100-125 Cigar Humidor
    10" x 15" x 6"
    2 Dividers
    Dial Hygrometer
    Humigar Moisturizer
    Exotic Veneer with Binding
    Semi Gloss Finish
    Model #86C

    Native to Eastern India, this hardwood is considered one of the most valuable produced there and is mainly used for the construction of stringed musical instruments. In the U.S. it is the most popular hardwood in use for acoustic guitar construction having excellent sound qualities as well as looks. The logs are cut on the quarter to obtain a straight striped grain effect. The color runs from a light rose to purple with black streaks. It is a fairly dense but very stable exotic hardwood. Supply is controlled by the Indian Forestry Administration. The trees are used mainly to provide shade to the tea plantations throughout the eastern regions of India. There are annual auctions for all of the plantation timber that has died and been cut for processing into instrument parts, so the supply is sufficient to keep up with demand. We are one of the few humidor makers using this exotic hardwood in making premium quality cigar humidors. Note that we have added opposite diagonal corner inlays in Abalone to highlight this beautiful desktop humidor.

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