Curly Claro Walnut Hybrid Humidor

  • $1700

    150 Cigar Humidor
    11" x 16" x 7"
    2 Dividers
    Top Tray with Dividers
    Brass Handles - Optional + $75
    Lock & Key set
    Gold Plated
    320 gram/72% Boveda bag and tray
    Boveda Tray
    Analog Hygrometer
    Model #56DH

    This unique hybrid humidor is a first in the cigar humidor world. Two separate moisturizing systems are included inside. Our Humigar moisturizer provides a safe and reliable method of adding humidity to the interior. It also has many features that are not seen on other moisturizers such as strong rare earth magnets, removable case backs for ease of replacing the foam, stainless steel screws, and thicker and larger foam for longer water storage capacity. It’s perfect for the cigar smoker who takes a “hands-on” approach to caring for his or her prize cigars. But if for instance one should go on an extended vacation or get tired of monitoring and adding distilled water, the humidity level will go down too fast once the water dries up. Enter the Boveda tray and bags which offer a “hands-off” approach. The tray holds 4 bags which are good for 2 to 3 months without monitoring or adding water. And it is a safe and reliable way of maintaining the humidity level at around 70% +. Thus the two systems compliment each other and work together to store the cigars with the proper amount of moisture and keep them in prime condition.

    Claro Walnut grows in the coastal areas of southern Oregon and northern California. It was first brought to California by the early pioneers in the 19th century as a source for nuts and is related to the English walnut tree which produces the edible walnut vs. Eastern Black Walnut which is very bitter and seldom is used in cooking. It is not as tall as the Eastern Walnut tree and the color of the wood is very distinct having golden hues and light striping. It is very limited in supply and only a few hardwood lumber dealers have it available for sale. About 10% of the trees have the curl or flamed grain patterns. We were fortunate to buy a few spectacular flamed/curly boards more than 10 years ago from a supplier in Oregon. So we are only able to make a limited number of quality desktop humidors from this hardwood species.

    This beautiful humidor is our top of the line model and is available by custom order only. It is custom built and usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. It has decorative border inlay strips as well as Curly Maple edge binding. It has a semi gloss finish which enhances the curly grain of the Claro Walnut.

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    Michael Dixon D Model Humidor

  • Walnut Humidor
    150 Cigar Humidor

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