Macassar Ebony Jewelry Box

  • $2350

    11" x 16" x 7"
    3 Tiers of storage
    Bottom lined with gray Ultra Suede
    Multiple dividers on the bottom and top trays
    Side brass handles, lock, key, and keyhole plate
    Edge trim and keyhole plate in Curly Maple
    Available in all wood species
    Custom order only; 30-45 days to delivery
    See model 59D Macassar Ebony humidor for exterior view
    Model #59DJB

    One of my customers recently called and asked me if I would make a jewelry box for his fiancée; I said sure, why not. I used to make them in the 80’s and 90’s in my former lifetime of art shows. So here I go again, only this time they are nicer, prettier and more exotic looking. And it’s another chance for me to continue to design and produce a variety of products.

    So if you’re looking to impress your significant other or just to please yourself, these might just be the ticket. Everyone enjoys a beautiful jewelry box. They are available in all the same wood species as the humidors but only in the C and D model sizes. They have trays for rings, watches, earrings, and space for necklaces or any other type of treasure you wish to keep in a special place.

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    Michael Dixon Model D Jewlery Box

  • Premium Jewlery Box
    Quality Luxury Jewlery Box

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