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Humigar Exclusive Humidor Humidifiers for Michael Dixon Humidors

March 31, 2017
If you are reading this you are probably considering buying a Michael Dixon Humidor.  If so we would like to tell you about humidor humidifiers and moisturizers, specifically the Humigar.  The Humigar moisturizing system is exclusive to Michael Dixon Humidors and provides the ideal amount of humidification for our premium cigar humidors. It contains a piece of floral foam that absorbs water and slowly lets it evaporate into the interior of the humidor and into the cigars.  It is considered “passive” humidification.  (Click for more information on “passive” and “active” moisturizers.)  The photo here shows a “hybrid” D model humidor with the black Humigar, the tray for Boveda packs, and a hygrometer in place on the lid.
Cigar Humidor Humidifier

Direct water evaporation is the fastest and most effective way to apply moisture into cigars which are like mini-sponges.  All our high-quality humidors come with a Humigar moisturizer and instructions about exactly how to keep it working efficiently.  Using distilled water is best as tap water contains minerals that can clog the foam.  Do not use polyethylene glycol instead of distilled water as the glycol solution will eventually block the water from entering the foam.

The most effective and desirable humidor humidifiers need to be sized relative to the size of the humidor.  Small moisturizers don’t work in large humidors that hold 100 cigars or more.  Conversely, large moisturizers should not be used in small humidors that hold 20 to 30 cigars.  Humigars come in 3 sizes to accommodate the sizes of Michael Dixon Humidors.

Another option or addition for your  B, C and D model Michael Dixon Humidor would be the Boveda pack which contains a salt crystal liquid solution that controls the humidity inside the humidor at roughly 70%.  Our handcrafted humidors come with either the Humigar alone or with the Humigar and Boveda trays together.  We call these “hybrid” humidors.

In summary, the best passive moisturizing system for your desktop humidor is the type that uses the foam with distilled water such as our Humigar.  A Humigar provides a fast recovery to 70% humidity after the lid has been opened, the cigars removed and the lid re-closed.  For more information about Michael Dixon Humidors and their Humigar moisturizing system, call the shop at 301-432-6131 and speak to Michael directly.  You may also purchase a Humigar separately to replace any other moisturizer you might have.  The small Humigar for 25-30 cigars is priced at $35, the medium that works for 50-75 cigars is $45, and the large for 75-125 cigars is $55.