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Do you need a beautiful Michael Dixon Humidor for storing Valuables?

Michael Dixon Humidors Jewelry Box

Then, Michael Dixon Humidors is the right place for you to look.

January 28, 2017

Even though our website is designed for customers who are looking for a high quality, American made humidor, we often get orders for our Michael Dixon Humidor models which are to be used for other purposes.

The most common features of a well made cigar humidor are the tight seal, a moisturizer and a hygrometer to measure the humidity. However, take away these features and add dividers for jewelry and an ultra-suede interior and it becomes a jewelry box or a guitar accessory box. Take away the dividers and ultra-suede but keep the interior Sapele trim and it becomes a box for storing TV remotes. It could be a man’s valet box or a special box for a valuable antique book or precious small antique items. It could even be used as an urn.

We have custom made boxes for all of the above uses. And why not?
After all, what attracts people to our humidor website is not the interior but the fancy exotic woods of the exterior. We even once had a customer who did not smoke cigars and did not know what he was going to put inside the box. He just wanted to add it to his home décor in order to admire the beauty of the wood and craftsmanship. Besides being a well-made product, the woods and finishes in Michael Dixon Humidors are outstandingly beautiful.

I tell our potential customers to “think outside the box”. That’s where the action is. So get creative and see what ideas you can come up for using your Michael Dixon Humidor, like this Custom Made Jewelry Box.

Michael Dixon Humidors Handmade Jewelry Box

P.S. I will guarantee you that what you see on the computer screen does not come close to seeing our humidors “in person“.